Private Label

Brand Recognition
Having your own brand gives your Salmon consistency because you own and control your brand, thus allowing you to buy from multiple suppliers, thus you will be able to offer your customers one brand all the time.

Customer Loyalty
Having one brand all of the time provides your customers with confidence that they will be able to repeat purchase from you and receive the same product every time.

The beauty of a Private Label is that no one else has your brand.  You can sell it as your own without worrying about your competition down the street undercutting you by a nickel to steal the sale away of the same product.  This will also help to develop a following on your brand.

Confidence In Salespeople
The sales staff no longer has to spend time explaining a brand change.  And we find that a salesperson who has success with private label in one account will put forth greater effort to build the program with his other accounts.  This drives category growth.

Quality Control
Having Liberty as your consistent supplier on a product line(s) is beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to be more confident with your seafood program, ensuring that you are backed by a company that has a very strong Quality Control Program in place, and that your Private Label is monitored on a regular basis.  This ensures that if there are any problems, they are handled proactively.


Program Growth
As we have demonstrated our successes with program growth, you can experience that same success with the ability to use Liberty to expand your Private Label product line.  We have an extremely experienced buying team with strong relationships around the globe.

Inventory Management & Planning
Liberty is a very detail-oriented supplier, and we will meet with you regarding your needs, and as your Private Label grows, we will analyse your growth and work with you to order accordingly.

Once you have an established Private Label, you will have the ability to market your brand and products under that brand without having to worry about inconsistency in brand availability, because it will be your brand, and you will have more control on how you would represent your product and approach selling your clientele.

In Conclusion
Having Liberty develop a Private Label for you will further develop and strengthen your salmon program.  This will alleviate the headaches of frantic purchases and product inconsistencies.  We look forward to helping our customers to take a step in their own direction to solidify their salmon program.